so apparently you can run shaders as your wallpaper in KDE?? so here's a desktop ft. @SuricrasiaOnline

@SuricrasiaOnline my apologies, the tie theory was a headcanon

@TheRealClay oooooh!

would you consider integrating the oft-neglected `og:image:alt` tag?

(I get peeved when platforms like Discord neglect alt-text in embeds)

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nooo more nickserv!

nooo more nineteen-user freenode channel!

@SuricrasiaOnline yeah it looks like your site's from the 90s, have you considered using Bootstrap? with Bootstrap you can dow-

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Something else Plasma 5.22-related that has just been released: The Official Video. Check it out:

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@SuricrasiaOnline makes sense, as someone who is not a mother, I'd feel more threatened in proximity of a general-purpose fucker than of the specialized motherfucker

@SuricrasiaOnline oh goshhhh

my first job was working for a subcontractor doing office tasks, notably: business contact data entry

the kicker being that my desktop was a remote Windows XP machine

imagine running Pokérus-tracking Excel macros from such a setup, oh the clunk

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worst part of working at the pokecenter is the late night data entry

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that feel when you work at the emoji factory and you gotta run the 3AM tour and you gotta put on the grody mascot hat or your boss will get mad and you get a glimpse of your sorry face in the mirror before you have to go out there

@SuricrasiaOnline oh my gosh this is incredible, had no clue about it

unrelated hl2:

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We are currently testing a new forum, since our old place does not seem to help us build an active community. Please help us testing by joining the new place and tell us what you think.

The forum can be visited here:
If you are interested in our motivation to move to a new software, read here:
And finally we have a voting if we should change our main discussion platform:

Thanks for all reports, opinions and contributions!

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@SuricrasiaOnline in other fields of work, people openly resent being made to speed up. Around here they can literally call working a “sprint” and I guess we’re just supposed to be ok with that.

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