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Reiterating that it is my belief that all ghost-sightings are some combination of psychological priming, undiscovered physics, and malfunctioning alien technology

@SuricrasiaOnline at first I thought you meant like, it writes a random shader for you

which would be wild. think of how productive internet artists could be

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@dankwraith no, just make sure to check out the sequel deltron 3030

@alexisvl just making sure since it's a massive QoL improvement: if you're on Android, you've got animations reduced/set to 0?

might take navigating to dev options depending on manufacturer

@alexisvl @hypolite can confirm, in KDE it's best to set animation speed to Instant

@cadey yeah it looks like they nab a consistent 100k-200k views, publishing every couple days

media empire

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"The annoying orange is the first vtuber"

@cadey annoying orange is still going, last time I checked

making reaction videos/lets plays

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you exist. I do not. we are not the same

behind-the-scenes wordle 

@SuricrasiaOnline all the future wordle answers are in a looong list stored in plaintext

that being said, they could for-sure change it

SpongeBob "Canned Bread" - Six languages simultaneously

@SuricrasiaOnline lmao the bloom implementation

smart, and very 2003

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We call it "virtual reality" and not something more prosaic like "dynamic perspective volumetric animation" because the whole general idea of this particular kind of responsive simulacrum has got some meat on it. Some people try to treat it like they treat actual reality, which means that of them, there are some who see it as a literal space that can be literally colonized. But to that I say "ceci n'est pas une pipe," you dunces

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december 2021: the queen has entered a new phase

january 2022: nights in london last longer, contrary to what the solstice would make one think

february 2022: freak bat infestations in the proximity to buckingham palace. nobody comes in or out - except for robed figures

march 2022: strange tremors happen at similar times in london and viena


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