had a dream Death Grips released a single called BOOTY DROP and it sounded like this

I made a short game jam game! Push and schlorp blocks to restore power to the Schlorpstation.


theoretical Travelling Swordsman for Swamp in The Witness

jesus fucking christ this shitty auto-generated metaverse avatar

Bridge Constructor Portal spoilers 

I'm quite proud of this contraption

here's how yesterday's mockup video looks in Blender :)

SpongeBob "Canned Bread" - Six languages simultaneously

this took ~100hrs of picross action

pro-tip: don't

in HL:Alyx, it's possible to escape this room and head back up via some precarious stacking

this allows you to collect extra resin before using the nearby upgrade station

celeste spoiler (and cool strat) 

love when this happens

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