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another weird firefox fact 

ctrl+L and alt+D both focus the address bar. F6 focuses the address bar, *and* you can press it again to un-focus

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related firefox ramble 

it'd be super neat if you could open all * bookmark results with ctrl+enter

shift+enter is bound to opening your URL bar result in a new window

so you could imagine *mail -> ctrl+shift+enter opening all your email inboxes in a new window

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fun firefox fact 

* is a search shortcut for bookmarks, but also matches the URLs within your bookmarks

which means you can bookmark a buncha pages on the same domain, then type "*[domain]" to snag a list of these bookmarks


my partner taught me that python's got something called a "splatty-splat" and I'm elated

tech blah but good-ish 

spent the evening learning how to uninstall bloatware from my phone via adb

awfully random question: anyone know some good blogs about typography?

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a polish word for "deadname" is "nekronim" (literally "necronym") and that sounds metal af imo

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I made a puzzle ruleset, and Pedro made a fancy implementation! Ionic Squares:

phone blabber 

gosh I wish more phones had rebindable side buttons

my S10 is far from perfect, but the combination of side button (bixby disabled) + good lock for customizations + right-aligned camera punchout + headphone jack...

if my current phone dies I might just snag another S10 (or try out a PinePhone)

tech gripe 

just encountered a site which locks its RSS feed behind a paywall 💀

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code shenanigans 

wrote my own mailto handler because Basic HTML Gmail doesn't seem(?) to take the appropriate URL params

gosh I really gotta learn regex... every time I write a bash script, I struggle with sed stuff

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webdev aaa 

flask's quickstart is excellent

however I still spent 1.5hrs attempting to debug hot reload even though there wasn't actually an issue

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