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Actually, arguments in favour of "economy of form" which demand that media such as albums, films, books not "waste the audience's time" buys into the commodification of every aspect of existence by capitalism. Art should not subscribe to this commodification: it should resist it. So fill your novels with as many digressions, your movies with as many lingering shots and unnecessary scenes, your albums with as much filler as you feel like doing. I will be happy to waste that time with you.

celeste spoiler (and cool strat) 

love when this happens

long day today, long day tomorrowww

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on one hand, it's a little silly that yu-gi-oh cards don't have a type line like Magic cards do, so if a card wants to care about, say, Elemental Heroes, it has to look at the title of each card. on the other, it means that a translation error with Frog the Jam means that all the cards that care about frogs have to say "All frogs except for "Frog the Jam"", and that's pretty funny

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🎉🎉🎉🖖 #PeerTube v4 is out! 🖖🎉🎉🎉

Customization, content discovery, empowering through more control… Our free-libre and federated alternative to YouTube takes the power back to you!


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rezzy asked me "what's a metaphor" coyly and i said "about six pence" and we stared at eachother in confusion

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the nb urge to make a freedesktop spec icon set

When you load into Mastodon (desktop), mouse focus begins within the new post textbox.

Is there any way to prevent or mitigate this client-side? (for keyboard navigation's sake)

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some nonbinary names:
cool breeze

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"sing, o muse", "once upon a time", "a long long time ago"... the great invocations to the muses are joined in the modern day by "this is a throwaway account"

it compiles but doesn't work 😭

learned a ton tho

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had to manually write a git diff to compile wine-tkg properly aaaaaaaa

ok I'm a dolt, I had all the lights set to
255 255 2551500

instead of
255 255 255 1500

lighting is fixed now

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update: did the same thing for Diode Zone (PeerTube) vids!

now I've got ~90 different RSS subscriptions 👀

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just moved all my YouTube channel notifs over to RSS :)

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thinking about the time I registered the youtube account "TwinPeaksVEVO" to post a funny clip from the show but now the band called "Twin Peaks" had to register "TwinPeaksMusicVEVO"

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