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Hey, not a bad start. Maybe as we start getting more creators and new types of videos on, we can start breaking things out into categories and really start playing with the layout.

#Spectra #PeerTube

Just updated the PeerTube instance to v3.3 :)

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🎉 #PeerTube 3.3 is out ! 🎉

Main new features of this release: customise your instance's homepage, playlists are now searchable, shorter URLs, support of right to left languages and many other things...


Oh and here's a direct link to the source code, which includes instructions to help ya get up and running

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Introducing paceboard, a template-based generator for speedrun leaderboard sites!

paceboard is open-source and in the public domain. So use it as you see fit :)

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🎉 PeerTube 3.2 has just been released! 🥳

It includes many UX improvements, better download/upload management, and more.


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Hi #funkwhale users 👋

We have a new release out 🎉 1.1.2 brings some quality of life improvements and small bugfixes to keep things running smoothly.

Please check out our blog post for more information on what’s changed!

We've got our own PeerTube instance! And zero intent to monetize its operation.


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