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We've got our own PeerTube instance! And zero intent to monetize its operation.

Our PeerTube instance is now on v4.2.0! Streamers can now choose a "reduced latency" (~15s) setting for their broadcasts!!

For the time being, sidebar chat is gone from streams. This chat solution had privilege quirks, so we'd like to investigate alternatives.

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#PeerTube v4.2 is out! 😍😍😍
▪ editing videos from the web interface
▪ detailed viewers stats for videos
▪ ability to adjust latency during a live broadcast
▪ saving each permanent/recurring live streaming session as a replay on a new url
▪ edit video subtitles directly from the web interface
Discover improvements and new features of this latest version on

Our PeerTube instance is now on v4.1.0! 😶‍🌫️

We just updated our PeerTube instance to v4.0! Let us know if you have any issues ❤️

🍄 PaceRIP is set to mirror PUWP's Winter Pride 2021 live on our PeerTube instance! 🍄

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🎉🎉🎉🖖 #PeerTube v4 is out! 🖖🎉🎉🎉

Customization, content discovery, empowering through more control… Our free-libre and federated alternative to YouTube takes the power back to you!


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Whether you want to #stream live from your android smartphone or add chat to #live streams on your instance, the #PeerTube community is here for you!

Here is a focus on two external developments that we have guided and supported.


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We're alive (again)! 🪴

Thank you folks for your patience as we transition over to the new name and handle <3

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peertube admin, ip block rec 

block, they run a script that uses peertube signups to send email spam

We just snagged PeerTube v3.4 and are back online :)

Our PeerTube instance now has a (work-in-progress) light theme ☀️

If your computer's set to use light theme, it'll apply automatically!

To toggle between light and dark, set your theme in Settings to "pacerip-light-dark-flip"

The PaceRIP PeerTube now federates out towards Good Vibeos!

Good Vibeos is a PeerTube instance superbly ran by @melissa

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Funkwhale 1.1.4 is available. Its fixing several bugs, some may have some security implications. We suggest to update!

More information:

(reposting from the Speedruns for Trans Liberation Twitter)

"Thats a wrap!

Thank you all for supporting the first ever SR4TL. We blew past our initial goal of $1,000.

We ended this marathon with a total of $32,322 raised for Transgender Law Center.

Thank you for the support, community, and love. We're looking forward to seeing you all again!"

Day 2 of Speedruns for Trans Liberation is live! Here's our mirror:

The PaceRIP PeerTube instance now federates out towards Diode Zone! So any stream published on PaceRIP will show up there as well <3

We've updated the instance About page to reflect this addition.

🎊 We're excited to mirror the Speedruns for Trans Liberation marathon! @SR4TL

Today through August 1st, raising money for the Transgender Law Center.

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